Presenting your products in a ClearTransparent PVC Packaging or Acetate Box / Dispenser is 90% of your sales done
So true. Especially when it comes to marketing your product. We understand how crucial that first impression is. Packaging is known to make or break products. Little wonder then, it is considered a very essential ‘P’ of marketing. That’s why, we strive for Perfection, when it comes to providing you with clear packaging.
With 70% of purchasing decisions made within three feet of the shelf, you cannot afford packaging that’s not working to its maximum efficiency. Products displayed in a Acetate Box or clear transparent packaging wins hands down.

Clear Transparent PVC Packaging

At Strategic Industries, we follow an integrated approach. It begins with listening to you first, to understand your needs. Taking into consideration the financial, manufacturing, distribution and marketing requirements of your product that needs clear packaging.

After this, the designing commences. Here too, all aspects of clear packaging are considered – size, shape, opening and closing features, material conversion efficiency, retail storage, and display, transportability, disposable aspects, filling speed and costs.

We’re always working on innovative ways as to how our clear packaging solutions can ensure the success of your brand. It’s all part of our endeavour: To deliver Perfection in Transparent Packaging.